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70s. here is sal. >>> steve, good morning. for the most part our commute is starting off well as we look at the interstate 80 commute. right to the bay bridge toll plaza. it is nice and light and there are no major problems there. we have a problem in the south bay. i want to put it on the map here. we have a hard closure because of a fatal accident. a sig alert has been issued. let's go to janine de la vega who is live at the scene on the freeway here. j phone. >> yes, i'men the right hand shoulder of the northbound lanes of 680 where only one lane is open. two lanes are closed so that chp can conduct their investigation of this fatal accident that has happened that left as construction worker dead. his coworker is injured and another man has serious injuries. the chp just told us told us two construction worker were working on the shoulder they were hit by a silver knee son. what they were doing is moving one of those road work ahead signs. the gentleman that passed away he was pinned against his own work truck. he is also a contacted worker. the driver of that silver nissan is at
. >> hello, steve, good morning to you, already starting off the morning with a couple of issues out there. first i do want to look at the toll plaza because the issue is not there. a lot of people worried about that, always worried about that, in marin county, one accident northbound 101 near the parkway between civic center and the parkway blocking one of the lanes and another crash that is southbound 101 near atherton avenue and this crash is -- oops, sorry, just messed up the maps here, let's get rid of these maps will you? >> southbound 101 traffic is slow, let's go back to the desk. >> topping our news this morning a vicious dog attack injured four people, tara moriarty joins us live from the neighborhood where police had to shoot one of those dogs. >> reporter: all is quiet now but shortly before midnight neighbors heard people screaming and gunshots, a man was walking his dog and ended up there when two dogs approached him and started to attack, some neighbors came out to see what the could motion was about and three others were bitten by the dogs. >> officers arrived and the dogs
's check weather and traffic. let's go to steve. >> all right pam and dave. thank you. our low is still producing some rain/snow mix up in the sierra. i mean reports of rain around kingvale. still off and on snow showers up there today. partly cloudy skies and a few sprinkles and light rain down to the valley. 40s and 50s. and we'd be cooler if it weren't for the cloud cover. the low is slowly moving off towards the east. so it will be into nevada almost exclusively later today but some of the clouds still wrapping backened. so partly sunny. a few sprinkles or rain again further south but staying cool be with temperatures mainly in the low to mid-60s and it doesn't matter where you are. about 59 to 65 will cover the temperature band. here's tara. >>> all right. thanks steve. everything's looking pretty good this morning on your bay area roadways. if we take a live look outside, you can see that this is 680 near fremont and traffic is moving very well. and in san francisco, 101 you can see that traffic on the right hand side are folks headed toward sfo. no delays and on the opposite side
people excited to celebrate, happy halloween, october 31st, i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark, steve a nice forecast. >> yes, yes, clear skies, cold for some, plenty of 30s, 37 santa rosa, napa 36, 40s around, more 30s popping up and 38 at petaluma, san francisco upper 40s but generally around 50 and will end up warmer today at 66 so each day bumping up. those are your temperatures in those areas so a chill there, otherwise severe clear today so sunny and warmer but a cold morning. there might be fog but the air is drier today than yesterday for sure. back into the 70s for some. 60s closer to the water. here is sal. >> steve good morning. we are looking at traffic that is getting busier by the moment as we get to this thursday, i want to show you the track on highway 4 is slow but parts of the antioch construction zone, antioch and pittsburgh are closed until 5:30 or so, begining to pick pick up the cones but you will be detoured, just want to let you know about that. also the commute here driving on the bay bridge approach westbound bay bridge still looks good. marin county southbo
and traffic. but first let's go to steve. >> pam, dave, thank you. a clear morning. not much of a breeze. there is a hint of an offshore breeze. oakland and san francisco is looking good. fog is coming down the coast. its trying. this morning we have clear skies. cold for some. 50s parts of san francisco already. sunny for all. and maybe a little warmer for a few. not a lot. 30s and 40s and 50s. 54 san francisco. santa rosa at 39. a lot of 40s. i don't expect these to get too much colder. its already very mild san francisco. i've seen an easterly breeze out around the sunset district. also around san francisco state. as long as that holds we will go 72 for a high today. big change for a weekend will be a system sweeping through. it won't give us much expect for a wind event. today cold lows inland. fog near the coast. i don't think it will do much. that means 70s for anybody. >> steve, good morning. we are starting off the morning well expect for that problem we told you about. but first let's take a look at the other commutes. the bay bridge that looks good if you are trying to get into
morning news. live at at & t park. there is talk that the ballpark might be shared. no said steve. its a very surprising comment but the a's and giants may be sharing the ballpark. a possibility. >>> let's check weather and traffic. steve is here. >> i am indeed. thank you. it is so cold she says. it is official. joslin says its cold, then it is. not everyone is in on that. a little bit of a breeze holding some temps up. sunshine and breezy for many. higher elevations out to eastern solano. tomorrow we will get an offshore push. some of the higher elevations will get that northerly breeze. but nothing outrageous. anywhere from 30-53. 33 antioch. napa is 53 degrees breezy. and i saw 43 at west portal. and 44 in the richmond district. a little chill. officially go for 48 for the high today. there goes our system from yesterday. which just flew on through. and resulted in sunshine today. breezy. a cold morning though for many. that north breeze might be holding some lows up. especially off to the east. highs today a lot of upper 60s. very low 70s. low to mid 60s closer to the water. here
cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve how does it look? >> it looks clear and cold for some. a little breezy for others. rate be sunny today -- it will be sunny today. clear. there is any huge difference in some of the lows here. clear and cold, breezy. sunshine today. it will be breezy at times but some of the higher elevations as well about 20-30 miles an hour. about 15-20 out to the valley. temperatures 53 antioch. 33 santa rosa. so huge spread here. redwood city 40. san jose 43. livermore 41. concord has tipped to -- has dipped to 39. we'll have a high of 64 degrees. temperatures will be reflective of a little bit of a north breeze but again its tough to get above 70-72 this time of year. sunny, breezy. northerly breeze. but temperatures upper 50s and low 60s. a lot of upper 50s to low 70s. >>> we are looking at a commute on a monday that is easing into the main part of it. we don't have a lot to talk about which is good. this is a look at the east shore freeway. of course we watch it very closely because when it changes it happens ve
. >> good morning, i'm dave clark, we are going to check your weather and traffic. steve has a lot to tell you about. >> i do indeed, snow in the mountains, snow continues now. it would not surprise me napa county and so we'll mention some possible shower activity and as the cool air moves over the ocean. partly cloudy and breezy but not as windy as yesterday. the sierra snow continues in the sierra nevada. about 14 inches of snow. 39 napa. that condition is dropping. that temperature tomorrow is going to be cold. it's very light rain. we'll go for a high today of 62 under partly sunny skies. it will be gone by tomorrow but the cold air is beginning to filter in. you need an extra hold on that hairspray. 50s or 60s. >>> thanks, steve. that extra hairspray is going to help. it's better now. there is still wind advisory on the left. on the bay bridge. let's take a look if we can at 237 on the millpitas area. nothing too major. on the hayward area traffic is looking good and on peninsula. it's not as windy as it was before. good there and no traffic. >>> topping our news at 6:00, we have brea
with us, i'm pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. the weather and traffic and steve it didn't seem as chilly this morning. >> cloud cover dave. cloud cover. yes unless you're up in the counties then on the colder side with some 20s and 30s up there. lot of 40s and 50s up there. still some snow up in the sierra nevada. not done yet. for us we have mostly cloudy skies and could be a few sprinkles or light showers and some light rain especially in the mountains south but that continues. partly sunny though by this afternoon. kind of cool and breezy though. 40s for some and mid 50s for others and again cloud cover versus maybe some breaks in that cloud cover. but most locations or locales whatever you want to call them are saying mostly cloudy skies. san francisco which hit 59 yesterday, they're 55 now. i'm only going 60 for a high but it will be mostly sunny later today and temperatures staying cool. there's the low and it will influence the weather today keeping the temperatures below average. partly sunny could be a few sprinkles here this morning and some on my wind shield o
morning. i'm dave clark. we're going to check your weather and traffic. we're going to steve paulson. >> very good morning. very clear cold morning . temperatures at 30s and 40s. little warmer in san francisco. low 50s there. 37 santa rosa. 38 napa. and a couple on the peninsula. san francisco been warming it up everyday this week a little bit. a little jump yesterday. 66 today. clear skies today and tomorrow. we get a slight off shore component. sunny and warm but the days aren't long any more. overall highs 70s. 60s to near 70s around the bay. here's sal. >> traffic is getting busier if you are driving on the bridges, for example, trying to get across the bay bridge. that is about a 20 minute delay. nothing too severe. 20 minute delay if you are in the fast traet rak lane. the -- fastrak lane. really it's much quicker. this is a look at san francisco northbound and southbound 101. traffic is busy. 101 is a little slow there or congested. southbound 680 is going to be slow. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. police are investigating a dog attack that injured four people
of the month. i am pam cook. >> good morning, i am dave clark, let's check weather, steve it is cold. >> it is indeed but will warm up, 34 graden, 38 windsor, 39 oxdental there and you can tweet me there, clear skies temperatures 36 napa airport, livermore 43, 41 not far away from there, so fairfield now down to 41 so it is cool, no frost advisories, still too much moisture, san francisco will go for 61, each day bumping the high up one degree, 24 now in tahoe, 39 ukia, i am sure there are 30s or 20s there but have not heard from anybody, this system falling apart and diving south, sunny today, fog, cool to mild on high temperatures, everyone is within a couple of degrees, 60s and 50s near the coast, here is tara. >> we are seeing massive delays in the east bay and an earlier 5 car crash on the east shore freeway cleared a half an hour ago but the damage is done, you can see that things are really congested, back to past golden gatefield so obviously folks are not getting through the maze and on to the bay bridge toll plaza as they normally would, so definitely give yourself extra ti
is slower than normal, now to steve. >> did you see my retweet on that photo of dave? no. i will look right now. >> the guy in the background scares me. our director kim lawrence -- >> -- that -- >> e-frightening sight, okay, all in fun, we have clear skies, it is cold, made myself laugh, which is e-that is bad, all right, let's go, kind of a cold paper but sunny and warmer so no rain of you in sight for those of you, no, nothing right now, today and tomorrow warmer, tomorrow the warmest day and temperatures going up each day, today more so. we do find we see 60s showing up, 66 degrees, 49 to start off in san francisco, the aforementioned ken lawrence standing there looking at me, clear skies there, if you have not heard tremendous amount copious as we say texas reports of 6 to 10 inches of rain and most of the country is dealing with that, not here so you figure that and guess what from there and heading northeast and pacific northwest getting a little bit, here it is very quiet, 30s and 40s and 30s on the coast, pacifica 39, 39 half moon bay an hour ago, now 41, 26 tahoe, 37 ukia, 30 and
morning, i'm dave clark. let's go to your weather and traffic. steve is right over there. >>> i am. thank you. nice tweet from richard that said gorgeous morning at ocean beach. it is. it is clear but there is fog trying. but there is still a component of an easterly breeze so its really mild in san francisco. and other coastal locations. some inland areas are cold. we go from 30s to 50s. clear skies. cold to mild. sunny for a little warmer today. if that fog decides to get a hint of a westerly breeze it will come in late. 30s and 40s and 50s. 54 san francisco. santa rosa is 39. i've seen lot of 30s. santa cruz mountains as well. we will go 72 for a high today. could be a late westerly breeze. that east wind usually holds for one more day. sunny and warm today. cold lows inland. not for everybody. its not as cool this morning as it was yesterday. fog near the coast. but i don't think it will make an impact. lots of 70s today. here is sal. >>> we continue to follow breaking news where a sig alert has been issued after a construction worker was hit. two cal tran workers were removing a sign
. steve has so much to tell you. >> plenty dave ask tory. thank you. snow isn't the sierra nevada and that's good we need it. some of that wrap around, gives an isolate shower or two. and amounts like that in the santa cruz, and the main impact is the low in the sierra nevada. partly cloudy, there are breaks, breezy and windy. evening but still it will be blustery for a few. especially the higher elevations. a cooler monday. sierra snow, highs for us 50s and low 60s. 30s and 40s. santa rosa 39. low 50s for some. cloud cover keeping temperatures up. cloudy skies starting, and a few sprinkles earlier. a high of 62. may not feel that warm. i mean it's going to be a cool breezy day. san francisco, some breaks in the clouds already. a high of 59 today. so temperatures 50s and 60s coast, bay or inland. they're not going to change too much. this low will be out of the picture by tonight, tomorrow, and we'll have to deal with cold mornings, but improving days. cooler, breezy, light rain east and south. there are a few locations that stay calm. 60s, here's the fabulous tara. >> we want to mention t
to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. >>> we're gonna check weather and traffic. steve? >> it's cold. a lot of cold readings. 30s all over the place. a few upper 20s. it will be sunny today once we get cranked up. it just takes longer this time of year. 30s for many. fairfield, 54 because they have a northerly breeze. antioch, brentwood, pittsburg held up because of a little breeze. there's a lot of 30s around. san francisco, i did see 43 in west portal. officially, 49. 64 for a high today. in the bay area hills maybe out to the valley as well. there will be a little bit of a breeze. some locations picking up a breeze. sunny, breezy. if there's no breeze, your temperatures are in the 30s. it will rebound. it's a slow process this time of year. today through wednesday, might get an offshore push. just enjoy it while you can because the days are getting very, very short. clear skies after yesterday's system went through. it set the stage for a cold morning. that north breeze favoring areas in the higher elevations. highs today, a lot of 60s. low to mid-60s by the water. h
're gonna check your weather and traffic. how does it look, steve? >> cloudy to mostly cloudy. light sprinkles out there. more toward santa rosa down to monterey. some of it not showing up on the radar. snow showing up for one more day. a lot of this will start to push off to the lee side. at least there's a rain/snow mix up there. gilroy, .15 rain. celine knauss, .04. watsonville, .03. a few sprinkles. mostly cloudy. cool to cold. partly sunny this afternoon. cool, breezy. as the low moves out, i think the breeze will pick up. 40s and 50s. if it weren't for the cloud cover we'd be much, much cooler. we're losing a lot of the breeze. it will probably pick up. san francisco, 59 yesterday. we'll go 60 today. even though it's 55 right now. so only a 5-degree spread. temperatures not moving very much. low is beginning to move a little bit. it will start to move out of the picture but not before it wraps around more clouds. partly sunny, mostly cloudy. a few sprinkles. on the cool side with a lot of upper 50s, low 60s. mid-60s. inland. here's tara. >>> 880 northbound at the north davis of
steve jobs grew up could be given a new status, part of the historic resources inventory. this is where he launched apple commuter and assembled the first 50 apple 1 commuters. that historic designation would add another review if anyone wants to make renovations. >>> time now is 438 and the oakland raiders made history at the colosseum. quarterback prior ran 93 yards for a touchdown, the nfl record for the longest record by a quarterback, and also in raiders history. they would beat the pittsburgh steelers, 21-18. meantime, the jacksonville jags were beat by the 49ers monday. frank gore also added to the final score with two touchdowns of his own. niners would win with 42-10, and this is a by week while the team recovers from jet lag. >>> the world series is tied after two games a piece. outfielder johnny gomes was raised in peta luma. they beat the cardinals 4-2 last night. >> you can guarantee i'm going to be swinging when i'm in the lineup. i was fortune right there to get a swing on a good pitch. >> did you see his beard there? unbelievable. >> he was 0 are in 9, in the world serie
will calm own. >> d.m.x. and steve wozniak and their worlds are about to collide here. >> d.m.x., this is steve
but temperatures mid-60s for a few, low 60s for others, here is tara. >> thanks, steve, construction in san jose this morning along highway 87 northbound at the north taylor off-ramp. closed this morning. up next a live look at the san mateo bridge, still foggy, this has been like this since monday but traffic is flowing nicely in both directions, at the bay bridge toll plaza, not seeing back up just yet, still early in the morning for that. and finally highway 4 through the bay point pittsburgh area, those highlights you see there are westbound traffic as you make the drive toward concord and 680, no delays as of yet. 4:30, back to the desk. >> highway 121 in sonoma county is back open after a crash, christien kafton is live with the latest details and i understand chp says alcohol was a likely factor. >> yeah, the accident happened along this stretch of road after 7:00 last night, two cars collided, killing one man and leaving at least three other people injured. investigators say 25-year-old demmadare chan drays was driving a jaguar south and witnesses say he crossed the center line to pass o
today. here is sal. >>> steve, good morning. we are looking at a commute that still looks pretty good. we have been looking around for road work but we don't have a lot. we've been watching the commutes especially the the bay bridge we watch it very closely for you. until major problems coming into the city right now. also looking at the commute here on the east shore freeway, that is a very nice looking drive heading west out to the mccarthur maze. if you are driving in san jose northbound 280 is looking good. now let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. >>> topping our news this morning developing news out of san francisco where a man in a wheelchair is dead after being hit by a car. ktvu channel 2 reporter katie utehs is joining us live from the scene. good morning, katie. >> reporter: good morning. the man in the wheelchair was heading east on market. so toward downtown. let me step out of the way and show you this busy intersection. you really see the cars zooming through right now. now that its back open. you can see some of the debris still in the roadway and the orange ma
morning, i am dave clark, let's check weather and traffic. are you going to say boo to steve when he talks about the forecast? >> i am happy. >> okay. >> this one is good. rather cold. 30s and 40s, no frost advisories, patchy fog north bay, 38 santa ross, a 37 napa, 41 half moon bay, 46 san jose, low 40s as well, san francisco 49 degrees, go for a high of 61 after yesterday's 60. 59, 60, 61, last three days. slowly warming up, 25, 2 bits in tahoe and those are your temperatures, that is splitting part, i know it is cold, but high temperatures warming up a little bit which means 60s, here is tara. >> thanks, steve, we do have a 5 car crash in berkeley this morning on 80 westbound at the university avenue exit, let's take a live look at the east shore freeway, see the headlights where it is bunched up, you can see people have their flashers on there so hopefully this accident will clear soon but it is causing delays. at the bay bridge toll plaza no delays yet so that is good news, still early obviously, those lights should be going on in the next 45 minutes or so if monday or tuesday are any
low to mid-60s by the coast. here's tara. >>> all right thanks steve. looks hike we have a pretty nice start to the morning to the tuesday morning. a little bit of construction going on out there but nothing that you really you know that's going to cause you any delays at this time. right now a look at some of the travel times here on this -- this is highway 4 from lone tree way to leverage road. normal speeds also same story 680 from 242 to highway 24. and if we take a live look here from our maps, at the antioch area, you can see that all of the arrows are green so that's some good news. same story in walnut creek, lafayette area and same over in the richmond area. all right, if i take a live look at the bay bridge spin you can see the traffic is moving very nicely at this hour. absolutely no days head -- no delays heading into san francisco. on the san mateo bridge, we still have the fog we had there yesterday. be careful into unionty or the opposite direction towards heyward. 4:30 back to the desk. a group of protestors camped out all night in san francisco's dolores park protestin
the at -- the area. >>> steve, i couldn't wait to turn the heater on. >> yes, it's cold. it will be sunny. mostly clear skies. a lot of 30s popping up. sunshine and a little bit warmer. not a lot. 36 book ends, santa rosa and napa, a lot of 40s or low 40s for many. including san jose which has gone to 44. redwood city, 42. there's 30s up in the santa cruz mountains. san francisco, a couple of up floor 40s. go for a high of 61. clear in reno. 389 eureka. even some cool readings on the north coast. this system will fall apart. cold, sunny. patchy fog in the north bay that will burn off and cool to mild on the highs. if you are in the sun, it's not bad. if you are in the shade, it's cooler. 50s, 60s. here's tara. >>> we have a sig-alert issued for interstate 80 through fairfield near air base parkway. let's take a look at the maps. both the east and westbound directions are shut down right here due to a car fire. if you are headed into sacramento this morning, you might want to give yourself extra time or leave earlier than usual. at the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see that the backup is quite ex
hercules to richmond. b.a.r.t., caltrain and muni are reporting no delays. now, let's go to steve. >>> thank you sal. under clear skies, a little hint, just looking richmond, outer richmond, sunset even over on san francisco state, winds are easterly. there's fog off the coast. but it's staying off the coast. let's focus on the rain or the lack thereof in san francisco, 0, nothing, in october that's the first october that no rain has fallen on san francisco since 1980 and the 14th time in 160 years of o weather keeping. 9 -- of weather keeping. the odds are favoring dry, but i remain steadfast we'll see rain in november. and we'll get blustery cooler conditions on the weekend. today it's sunshine and warmer temps. tonight it will turn westerly into tomorrow. we get that offshore push. had that yesterday, we'll have it again today, which means nice conditions by the beaches. the fog is there. it's rare. it wants to touch the san mateo coast but it can't. 39 here half-moon bay. there are cold readings under clear skies. this system is poised to make a move toward the pacific northwe
. will it last for the rest of the week? steve paulson will be here with your trick or treat forecast. >>> and high flying above the bay. what pg&e inspectors were doing in a helicopter this morning along the san mateo bridge. [father]c'mon,buddy,you can do it.c'mon,reel it up, you gotta reel it up now,buddy. reel it up. [father] reel it up,you got him on there.bring him in. is that a bass? [boy] yeah,i got a big bass. [father]bring it up.keep reeling.keep reeling.c'mon, where is he? whoa! you caught that all by yourself? [boy] yeah! [father]how old are you to catch that? [boy]three! [father]you're three years old? show me how many fingers that is. >>> another demonstration is planned for tonight to protest the police shooting of a 13- year-old santa rosa. hundreds of people attended the funeral for andy lopez last night. the young teen was shot to death by a sonoma county sheriff's deputy last week. the boy was holding a bb gun that looked like an ak-47 assault rifle. and the deputy thought it was real. county leaders say more needs to be done to improve the relationship between the
. making tracks on the mountain in the darkness. and steve adowell won't be happenner. tonight it's game on. this is the sounds of the season for the sierra. >> it'll compact a little bit more. >> reporter: suvall and his crew will add to what nature has brought. >> the more -- the colder it is, the more we can open up the valves. >> reporter: alpine meadows 14- inches in its elevations. squaw valley 12 high. it's good estimations after having two dry months. the resort not scheduled to open for three more weeks but it could come alive earlier if the snowstorm stays open. >> we had a couple of feet every week that would be perfect. >> reporter: wouldn't that be perfect. the guns also going on at boreal who says they may actually open this weekend as long as the snow lasts but most of the resorts expect to be open before thanksgiving bringing people and spending to tahoe. deborah villalon, ktvu news. >>> we checked with cal caltrans and chained are we -- required to the chain exchange. >>> how long will this system continue to deliver snow? bill particular -- bill martin is live with the
's located close to myers home. >>> the childhood home of steve jobs is being placed on a los altos list of historical property. the home is already a destination. the home is where steve jobs built the first 50 apple one computer nearly 50 years ago. the historical commission voted unanimously for the historical designation last night. now any changes made to that home will require additional reviews. >>> a gas station's clerk says his cell phone saved his life. the clerk says the robber ordered him to open a safe but when he and another clerk were unable to do that the frustrated robber fired a shot at them and ran away. it wasn't until police arrived that one of the clerks realized he had been shot. >> the cop says i feel like my chest hurts. so they started looking at the clerk. they realized the guy shot at him, hit him, struck hit cell phone and the cell phone stopped his bullet. >> he was checked at the hospital for bruising but he's expected to be okay. >>> breaking news and a tragic end to a story about a missing man. >>> in the past six months, more than 800 crimes were reporte
old. >> to infinity and beyond. >> pixar was originally founded by the late steve jobs. >> since then they produced 14 feature length movies. they have pushed the envelope in computer it animation. >>> it is making our lives easier and better. >> pixar is gaining attention for photo realism as seen in the newest animation short. blue umbrella. >> back in 1995, technology was much more limited in their first film toy story. >>> battle as they host the kings last night. green drains one from the top of the arc and ben p mcly more. and midway through and welcome to oakland. nice little dish and andrew dr. says very little with the classic alley-oop. it is five of eight and 22-points. and it is a 98-87 win. >> dan boyle back with the sharks. they host coyotes. down one and show with the puck wait, waiting. shot goal. and all tied at one. and two o after the over time period. >> they can't stop the coyotes best shooter. >> they win #-2. and they get the single point that keeps them in the single division. >>> 7:56. it is nice and clear outside. thanks to all the wind rosemary said is
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